Quality Control

Quality and Standards

Strict 'Quality and Standards' Policy guarantees complete documentation and traceability of the entire production/supply chain.

Offered products are serviced from planted-seed-to-delivered-goods with activities covering:

QC/laboratory analysis (GC/FID, GC/MS, refractometry, densitometry, optical rotation, etc.)
Own in-house laboratory providing the necessary data (via high precision analyses) to identify the 100% pure and natural character of its products:
- Precision weighing
- Density
- Refractive index
- Optical rotation
- Gas chromatography
The physico-chemical analyses below performed in-house are completed, when necessary or requested by our clients, with analyses provided by internationally accredited laboratories with regards to:
- Pesticides residues
- Aromatic compounds residues (Toluene, Benzene, etc.)
- Phthalates residues
- Heavy metals residues
Offered products are direct from our distillery 'Pure Essential Oils & Herbs' which is certified to:
ISO9001, ISO22000, GMP, Organic (USDA- NOP, EU), FDA registered,