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Delta Land For Export

Delta Land Company for producing and exporting herbs ,spices and seeds , we have been working as a supplier of all kinds of organic and non-organic dried herbs and spices from our own farms in El-Fayoum city to most of the big companies in this field in Egypt. After working as a supplier for more than fifteen years our goods have gained a good reputation among Egyptian exporters. This good reputation was the main reason to encourage us to establish our own exporting company. And we decided to start exporting our products to worldwide .
We are located In Fayoum City one the best fertile areas of Egypt where pharaohs has been lived in our city for thousands of years ,so Fayoum is main city for aromatic and medicinal herbs not only in Egypt but in the middle east.
We have committed ourselves over years to achieve the highest standard of quality at competitive prices and what helped us to achieve this this goal is that we have our own farms to get raw materials from so This makes our traceability procedure of all products very easy and accurate as it enables us to fully control all steps production from cultivating, harvesting, drying, handling, processing, storing, packing to the final step which is shipping to our customers. all Production is supervised during all of its phases through a staff of specialized agronomists and technicians that having more than 15 years of experience .


Why Choose Us ?


Needs of sterilization in the food industry are more and more demanding so Delta Land company offer many solutions for sterilization for our valuable customers using different kinds of gas for Conventional and Organic such as :Bio Steam – P.P.O – E T O .C O 2 – E S T .


Delta Land company offers many solutions for packaging From standard packaging up to customer-specific solutions.We offer the appropriate packing for your products.

Our Service

Quality and service are our top priorities. For more than 15 years, our company has been respected for its strong logistic support. Our production runs 24/7 to keep up with the increasing demand for quality from both commercial and private customers. We offer customized quantities, flexible pricing, and prompt shipping.

Why Choose Us

The field of herbal medicine medicinal plants is constantly evolving and we try to keep pace with this development and always be keen to be in the forefront of Egyptian companies exporting medicinal herbs.

Professional Staff

Our professional staff continuously monitors product quality to ensure customer safety and satisfaction. Retained samples from all batches are thoroughly tested and compared to our customer’s specifications to verify authenticity .


Providing our customers the finest Egyptian products with a competitive price in international market and obtaining our standard products doesn’t avoid us to produce products upon our buyer’s specifications request.


At Delta Land we process raw materials by cleaning, grading, sorting by sortex, grinding and we also do sterilization by third partner. Also we have our laboratory to do physical and chemical tests.

The Production

Planting space: While some herb production, such as borage, milk thistle, chamomile and mint, can be produced on a field scale, the majority are produced in small plots as row crops or closely spaced in small beds. Harvesting: Some crops may need to be harvested repeatedly over the season, or at least once or twice a year.
Machinery: The use of small machinery, such as water-wheel transplanters, plastic mulch-laying equipment, cultivators and in-field dryers should be considered. In some instances, there may be opportunities to cost-share with other growers in the area. Irrigation: A number of herb crops require irrigation for establishment and good yields. However, some are better as dryland crops.